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Anticosti Island

The current deer harvest update observed for the month of September 2017

Source: Safari Anticosti Administration


In late March of this year, we posted a report on our website concerning our deer winter survival rates as witnessed by our snowmobile team on its exploratory trip on Anticosti Island in mid-March.  Hunting results are not what we expected so far. Our winter and spring die-off was much more severe than had been initially observed. Of great importance was the limited sightings of bucks during these early hunts.


During the survey by our exploratory team in March, deer survival rates seemed to be in the area of normal die-off averages. Our team witnessed very few dead deer during their travels and numerous sightings of young deer which bodes well for this years deer survival rate and upcoming 2017 hunting season.


Unfortunately, our hunting results during the initial opening of our hunting operations in August and September of this year showed that there was a considerable deer die- off that seemed to have taken place in the late spring, after our March survey. Anticosti Island spring weather period is a very important time for the survival of our weakened and depleted deer. The Anticosti deer have very little or almost non existent browse available in the late spring. Most of the deer, during the end of the winter season have depleted practically all of their initial fat reserves and any inclement  freezing, wet  or snowy  spring  weather can severely impact  the herd and increase the deer mortality  rates. Compounding all the bad  weather encountered  during  the  late  spring  and the  heavy snowfall  we  received  in  late November during the annual rut, this abnormal three feet of snow accumulation also weighed heavily on browse accessibility  which subsequently also reduced the fat reserves of all our deer. Following the rut with the active breeding activity periods in November and December the bucks are depleted and are required to feed heavily to increase their fat reserves and survive through the winter and spring. Lack of food means less survival. Hense, limited bucks for this hunting season.


To conclude, the deer hunting in our sectors for the 2017 season is going to be tough. Deer selection may be more limited and additional efforts necessary. Rest assured that our staff will do everything in  their  power   to   ensure  that   you  will  still  receive  the  best   hunting   services  and accommodations available on Anticosti Island.


Happy hunting.