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Operational changes following the sale of part of our territory to Sepaq

Safari Anticosti now owns only the Salmon River sector in the northeast of the island.  On this territory, two establishments can welcome fishermen or hunters according to new basic requirements.

The Safari Lodge, an American Deluxe plan for which we require a group of at least 8 hunters or fishermen for a maximum of 12 depending on the period of the year.  The group must take care of their own flights in and out.

The Relais Camp, a European (or housekeeping) plan for which we require a group of at least 6 hunters for a maximum of 8. Even though the flights are still coming to Salmon River Airport, the clients of this camp must obtain their airplane ticket from Sepaq who keeps 6 seats on their flight for our customers.  If the group is more than 6, you must check the availability on the flight before confirming your hunting package.

Thank you for taking note of these new requirements.