A unique hunting experience in the world

The most exceptional deer hunting territory in the world.

Anticosti Island is a unique place in the world, and it is also a paradise for deer hunters. Where else can you hunt deer as your forefathers did 150 years ago and really put all your hunting instincts to work? Forget shooting over baits, or endless time spent waiting in watchtowers, coming to Safari Anticosti will allow you to live a deer hunting experience in it’s purest form.

Enjoy one the highest density of deer per square mile in North America and get ready for an unforgettable hunt.

Nothing beats a face-to-face with the wildlife and deer that are on the island. Our private territory is over 215 square miles and will meet your expectations. Coming to Anticosti will allow you to be amongst our loyal clients and discover what makes them come back year after year.

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Operational changes following the sale of part of our territory to Sepaq

Safari Anticosti now owns only the Salmon River sector in the northeast of the island.  On this territory, two establishments can welcome fishermen or hunters according to new basic requirements. The Safari Lodge, an American Deluxe plan for which we require a group of at least 8 hunters or fishermen for a maximum of 12 […]

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Vaccination Passport To Be Introduced on September 1 The Quebec Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, presented on Tuesday the terms and conditions of the vaccination passport, which will be implemented on September 1. The increase of cases in the province, the progression of the Delta variant, the return to school and the anticipation of a […]

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