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March 2019 snow mobile report

Mr. Boudoul, Operations Manager at Safari Anticosti, went on his exploratory tour of Anticosti from March 12 to 22, 2019.

As last year, a normal amount of snow was observed in the western part of the Island, with an average of 4′ of accumulation. In the centre, averages of 4′ to 5′ of snow were recorded, while in the east, the average recorded was 3′.

This winter’s accumulation is much the same as last year’s, with perhaps a few inches less than last year, which suggests a completely normal winter on Anticosti.

Contrary to what one might think, Anticosti did not receive the same abundant accumulations as the Gaspé Peninsula.

In terms of deer population, various herds were seen by the sea during our stay and others circulated quite easily in the woods on the hardened snow that supported them.

We hope that Spring will start quickly and stay, as it did last year. This would bode well for the 2019 hunt.