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Brief summary of the snowmobile tour on Anticosti March 2020

Mr. Guy Boudoul, accompanied by 4 other snowmobilers, came back from the snowmobile tour on Anticosti Island which took place during the week of March 15 to 21th.

All in all, a nice ride with a rather windy weather on the seaside. The observation made by Mr. Boudoul is a positive one because the accumulation of snow did not exceed 3 feet in the east of the island, on the territory of Safari Anticosti.  Contrary to the western part of the island where the accumulation was a little larger and where it had not rained, the snow was more propitious for deer to move eastward since it was hardened by the wind and the rain received and the deer could move around easily.  Healthy fawns were seen by the group and the herd appeared to be in fairly good health. With the rain that fell all day on March 24th, the snow had come down and hardened across the Island. 

With the mild weather ahead, we can expect an early spring. But Mother Nature’s mood is quite changeable, so we will see with more certainty later in May.