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Vaccination Passport To Be Introduced on September 1

The Quebec Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, presented on Tuesday the terms and conditions of the vaccination passport, which will be implemented on September 1.

The increase of cases in the province, the progression of the Delta variant, the return to school and the anticipation of a fourth wave in Quebec motivate this decision.

Below is the main information currently available on how the passport will apply:

  • Only properly vaccinated people will have access to high-traffic public events (such as festivals), high-capacity indoor venues (such as theaters), and high-contact activities and venues (such as bars, restaurants, and gyms).
  • Vaccination will not be required for retail stores.
  • There will be an app for vaccination passport holders, as well as a reader app for merchants.
  • These apps will be free and available on all download platforms. A paper proof of immunization will also be valid.
  • Over the next three weeks, the applications will be tested through pilot projects across the province.
  • A press briefing will be held the week of August 23 to present the detailed application of the vaccination passport, as well as the exhaustive list of locations that will be concerned by the measure.

The QOF has pointed out to the authorities the difficulties for outfitters to access a reliable Internet network to validate a passport, as well as the fact that the clients who frequent the restaurant are generally guests with accommodations and that on-site activity does not generate a lot of traffic. We expect to hear back from the authorities shortly.