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Spring tour 2021: a summary

Mister Boudoul, accompanied of a few colleague, went on Anticosti Island on the week of March 15, to proceed to his usual tour of our sectors.  His first comment was:  a lot less snow than usual.  The excursion went very well and as almost everywhere on the Island, our sectors had lower snow accumulation than the last few years.  He told us he has seen a larger and healthier herd than in recent years, a good sign that de 2020 break was profitable to the herd.

With a three weeks advance Spring gives us high hopes for a beautiful and excellent hunting season this year.  We also keep our hopes up with the Covid 19 situation.  Vaccination should allow us to return to some kind of normality so that our hunters can come and enjoy a real hunting season this year. We will keep you posted and till then, we encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as the vaccin become available for you, so we can, all together,  get rid of this unpleasant situation.