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Restrictions on the importation all cervids

Hello everyone,
As agreed, please find below detailed information about the restrictions on the importation all
cervids (deer and moose) from Quebec that were recently introduced by the states of Vermont,
New Hampshire, Maine and of Massachusetts.

It is illegal to import or possess deer or moose, or parts of deer or moose, from states and
Canadian provinces with CWD cases (including Quebec) or from farms except for:
• Meat that is cut, packaged and labelled with hunting licence information and not mixed with
other deer or moose during processing;
• Meat that is boneless;
• Hides or cape with no part of the head attached;
• Clean skullcap with antlers attached;
• Antlers with no other meat or tissue attached;
• Finished taxidermy heads;
• Upper canine teeth with no tissue attached.
• Travel to other states must also meet the regulations in force in the territory.

Therefore, it is strongly suggested for non-resident to verify with their local authority the details of
the applicable transport or import regulation before leaving Quebec.