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TRAVEL QUESTIONS ( Non residents )

Please note that once you have made a reservation and that the deposit has been paid up, we will send you an itinerary document with your final invoice to help you with your travel arrangements and hotel information.

Can I travel to Canada with a criminal record or DUI conviction?

You need to request a pardon and
receive a special entry pass from Canada Customs prior to entering Canada with a criminal record. Here is
the link for pardon services:

What is the travel time by car from New York City to Montreal?

About 5 hours.

Can you pick me up at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport when I arrive in Montreal?

There is a shuttle bus every ½ hour coming to the airport from our designated hotel.

On what dates should I book my flights to and from Montreal?

Always book your flights the day before the departure to the island and the day after (end of the day) your return from the island. You will stay overnight in Montreal on the way in and on the way out.

At what time do we fly out of the island back to Montreal?

Everything depends on the current weather on the island and the time it takes to get everyone and everything loaded on the plane. Scheduled for 3:30, it could be early in the evening before you arrive back into Montreal.

What is the weight limit of my personal luggage on the plane to the island?

75lbs per person. For customers of the European plan, you are entitled to 25lbs per person for your grocery. 12lbs maximum carry on luggage is allowed.

Can I transport black powder on the airplane from the USA to Canada?

No you cannot. We will make arrangements for you to buy some in Canada.


Do I have to register my firearms upon entering Canada?

You are required to fill out a firearm registration and importation documents prior to your arrival at Canadian customs. You sign this document in front of a custom officer. You will then pay a fee of approximately $50.00. Here is the link for the firearm declaration form: Firearm importation form


How many deer can I shoot?

You are allowed 2 deer of either sex except in August where only adult bucks are allowed.

Where and when do I pick up my deer hunting license?

Your deer hunting license will be issued to you upon arrival at the airport located on Anticosti island.

Can I hunt on Sundays?

Yes, you can hunt on Sundays in Quebec.

How old do I have to be to legally hunt deer on Anticosti island?

12 years old (identity card requested).

Can I hunt with a sidearm in Canada?

It is illegal to hunt with sidearms in Canada. It is also illegal to transport a restricted firearm to Canada without the proper license. Semi-automatic weapons are permitted. Rifles must be a minimum caliber of 243 (6mm) or greater. Black powder weapons must be of caliber 45 or more.


Flight to Anticosti, new in 2022

As of the 2022 season, clients must purchase their airline ticket from Sépaq for their transportation from Montreal or Quebec City to Anticosti. Sépaq flights land at our private airport in Rivière aux Saumons but all information regarding departure and return times will be provided by Sépaq. You can contact them at 418-535-0231 ext. 5027.

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Jet accessible with a paved runway

The Safari Anticosti sector encompasses Salmon River sector where we have a private airport.  The airport is located at the Salmon River sector which is in the north east part of the island.  The Salmon River runway is 5,500 feet in length, paved, lighted and accessible to jets for those who wish to come with there own aircraft.



Average high-8.6-6.5-
Average low-19.8-17.5-11.4-3.816.
Record daily high8.9710.6182727292927.519.414
DateJan. 31 1970Feb. 23 1981Mar. 20 1979Apr. 19 1987May 30 1999Jun. 20 1983Jul. 15 1998Aug. 09 1995Sep. 10 2001Oct. 03 1973Nov. 01 1985
Record daily low-40-33.9-32-27-12-3.3-1-1.1-5.6-15-25
DateJan. 31 1973Feb. 04 1971Mar. 10 1986Apr. 02 1994May 06 1991Jun. 12 1967Jul. 15 1979Aug. 16 1974Sep. 23 1978Oct. 25 1978Nov. 20 1986


Monthly rainfall (mm)1110297190101999812111667
Annual average: 828
Monthly snowfall (cm)5741431620000224
Annual average: 251
Monthly precipitation (mm)6952728793101999812111891
Annual average: 1080
Single day record rainfall (mm)8557687652735852918390
DateJan. 09 1978Feb. 03 1968Mar. 20 1975Apr. 06 1984May 19 1976Jun. 23 2001Jul. 19 1996Aug. 19 1969Sep. 04 1972Oct. 20 1966Nov. 03 1966
Single day record snowfall (cm)383135161400001233
DateJan. 26 1986Feb. 27 1979Mar. 02 1998Apr. 23 1999May 12 1996Jun. 01 1966Jul. 01 1966Aug. 01 1966Sep. 01 1966Oct. 31 1988Nov. 15 1998
Single day record precipitation (mm)10057687652735852918390
DateJan. 09 1978Feb. 03 1968Mar. 20 1975Apr. 06 1984May 19 1976Jun. 23 2001Jul. 19 1996Aug. 19 1969Sep. 04 1972Oct. 20 1966Nov. 03 1966


Getting geared up for your deer hunt

Anticosti island is a maritime coastal region, situated in the middle of the gulf of the St. Lawrence. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the cold water currents of the Labrador. The islands environment is known for it’s temperature and precipitation fluctuations. Considering that the Safari Anticosti hunting season extends from late August to the beginning of December, hunters must adjust their hunting garments to the selected period of hunting. Please refer to our web page chart that indicates the average annual temperatures and precipitations for Anticosti island.

Suggested clothing for hunting:

  • Clothing that will allow you to quietly stalk deer and to walk around.
  • The best rain gear that money can buy. Considering that you will be doing plenty of walking it is important the garment has breathable material and fits well.
  • Knee high rubber boots that also fit well. You will be walking across streams and walking in bogs. Your choice of boots will depend on your period of hunting. It can be very cold in November with the wind and snow. During the day time it can be moderately hot in late August.
  • Choose layered clothing that can be adjusted to temperature fluctuations.
  • A warm hat that covers the ears. (Especially in November)
  • Gloves: a thin pair for shooting and another pair that are insulated and water proof.
  • Long underwear that controls your sweat.

Suggested hunting gear:

  • Grunt calls and bleats work very well on the island.
  • Rattling antlers: The guides usually have a set available for you.
  • Orange marking tape.
  • GPS and or compass. (very important)
  • Hand warmers (in season)
  • A portable multi-channel walkie-talkie to communicate with your guide or buddies.
  • A good hunting knife.
  • A small personal survival kit with a lighter, signal mirror etc.
  • Extra bullets for sighting in your rifle in case you damage a scope.
  • Binoculars with a chest strap. (easy to carry and to have ready at all times.)
  • Range finder (sometimes very handy for those long shots)

Note: Do not bring an extra rifle. We have some available in case you damage yours.

Suggested rifles

You will hunt in a dense and wooded deer habitat where there are large open areas of peat bogs and sometimes coastal areas. A mature male deer from Anticosti Island can weigh up to 200 lbs. As with any deer hunt in the northern woods and especially with our stalking method, we recommend using the following sizes: 30-06, 308, 270, 300, etc. The choice of action of the rifle is yours, whether it is a lock rifle or a repeating rifle, be prepared to fire quickly.

Rifle scopes

We suggest a variable power scope that can be adjusted to very short ranges while stalking (50 yards) and increased to longer ranges in open swamp, shoreline and bog areas. (250 yards)

Legal calibers

Rifles must be a minimum caliber of 243 or 6mm to be legal in Quebec for big game hunting. Rim-fire rifles are not permitted. Semi-automatics are permitted. Black powder weapons must be 45 caliber or more. 12 gauge shotguns with slugs are also legal.

If you have other questions, contact us by e-mail via our contact page.