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Anticosti Island


Safari Anticosti is a very unique outfitting business operating on a very unique island in the gulf of the St. Lawrence in Quebec Canada. Safari Anticosti, the company, is the result of a corporate merger between three very distinct and well established outfitting businesses on the island. The accumalated land mass generated from this merger represents aproximately 25% of Anticosti Island or 800 square miles of private territory. Basically, Safari Anticosti now controls most of the eastern part of Anticosti island.


Access to the Safari Anticosti sectors is by direct charter flights from the Mirabel (Montreal) or Quebec airport to our Salmon River runway. The Salmon River runway is paved and lighted for jet access. The entire land mass is connected by private roads that lead to a variety of accommadations ranging from 4 star lodges to outlying chalets or cottages. From the incredible coastal vistas to the deep woods settings of our various lodges and chalets, Safari clients will find their home away from home including total security and privacy. There are no predators on Anticosti island and very few insects.


Of great importance to us and to you, our special guests of Safari Anticosti, are the staff that make up the entire Safari Anticosti family. From the guides, to the kitchen staffs, to the maintenance crews and the administration, many of our people have been with us for many years. As a matter of fact, we probably have the largest repeat base clientel in the entire Quebec outfitting industry. This is due in large part not only to our hunting and resort product but to the people that serve you daily.

There are two main products offered by Safari Anticosti. One of which is the white-tailed deer hunting and the other which is the resort syle excutive retreats. Seasonal in nature, the deer hunting is very unique and the hunting services of world class quality. You will never find another deer hunting habitat and destination like Anticosti island.


Safari Anticosti Resort offers business owners and others the opportunity to explore and live the Anticosti island life while relaxing in total security and 4 star comfort. Whether you are interested in Atlantic Salmon fishing, local lobster fishing and feasts, fossil hunting, ATV exploration, snowmobiling, seas kayak, etc, Safari resort has this and much more. Safari Lodge is « The Lodge » to visit on Anticosti Island.