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Anticosti Island


Frequently asked questions

Travel Questions : ( Non Residents )

Please note that once you have made a reservation that is fully paid up, we will be sending you an itinerary document to help you with your travel arrangments and hotel information.

  • Can I cross into Canada with a criminal record or DUI conviction?Answer : You need to request a pardon and receive a special entry pass from Canada Customs prior to entering Canada with a criminal record. Here is the link for pardon services : http://www.pardoncanadaservice.ca
  • What is the travel time by car from New York City to Montreal?Answer : about 5 hours
  • Can you pick me up at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport when I arrive in Montreal?Answer : There is a shuttle bus furnished by our desiganted hotel.
  • On what dates should I book my flights from USA and back to the USA?Answer : Always book your flights the day before the departure to the island and the day after your return from the island. You wil be overnighting in Montreal on the way in and maybe on the way out.
  • At what time do we fly out of the island back to Montreal?Answer : Everything depends on the current weather on the island and the time it takes to get everyone and everything loaded on the plane. It could be early in the evening before you arrive back into Montreal.
  • What is the weight limit of my personal luggage on the plane to the island?Answer : 75pds per person for American plan and 100 pds per person for European plan.
  • Can I transport blackpowder on the airplane from the USA to Canada?Answer : No you can’t. We will make arrangments for you to buy some in Canada.

Hunting and firearm questions:

  • Do I have to register my firearms upon entering Canada?Answer: You are required to fill out a firearm registration and importation document prior to your arrival at Canada customs. You sign this document in front of a custom officer.You will then pay a fee of $50.00 Here is the firearm declaration form link : http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cfp-pcaf/information/visit/index-eng.htm
  • How many deer can I shoot?Answer : You are allowed 2 deer of either sex. Additional doe tags are available at an additional cost and with special arrangments with us.
  • Where and when do I pick up my deer hunting license?Answer : Your deer hunting tags will be issued to you once you arrive on Anticosti island at the airport.
  • Can I hunt on Sundays?Answer : Yes, you can hunt on Sunday’s in Quebec.
  • How old do I have to be to legally hunt deer on Anticosti island?Answer : 12 years old (identity card requested).
  • Can I hunt with side arms in Canada.Answer : It is illegal to hunt with sidearms in Canada. It is also illegal to transport a restricted firearm in Canada without the proper licence. Semi-automatic weapons are permittted. Rifles must be a minimum caliber of 243 (6mm) or greater. Blackpowder weapons must be of caliber 45 or more.

If you have other questions, contact us by e-mail via our page Contact.