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Anticosti Island

What to bring

Getting geared up for your deer hunt

Anticosti island is a maritime coastal region, situated in the middle of the gulf of the St. Lawrence. It is surrounded by the Atlanic ocean and the cold water currents of Labrador. The islands environment is subjected to many annual temperature and precipitation fluctuations. Considering that the Safari Anticosti hunting season extends from the late August periods to the begining of December, hunters must adjust their hunting garments to their selected periods of hunting. Please refer to our web page chart that indicates the average annual temperatures and precipitations for Anticosti island.

Suggested clothing for hunting :

  • Clothing that will allow you to quietly stalk deer and to walk around.
  • The best rain gear that money can buy. Considering that you will be doing plenty of walking it is important that it breathes and fits well.
  • Knee high rubber boots that also fit well. You will be crosssing streams and walking in bogs. Your choice of boot insulation will be dependant on your period of hunting. It can be very cold in November with the wind and snow. During the day time it can be moderatly hot in late August.
  • Choose layered clothing that can be adjusted to temperature fluctuations.
  • A warm hat that covers the ears. ( Especially in November )
  • Gloves : a thin pair for shooting and another pair that are insulated and water proof.
  • Long underware that wicks away your sweat.

Suggested hunting gear :

  • Grunt calls and bleats work very well on the island.
  • Rattling antlers : The guides usually have a set available for you.
  • Orange marking tape.
  • GPS and or compass. (very important)
  • Handwarmers (in season)
  • A portable multi-channel walkie-talkie to commmincate with your guide or buddies.
  • Good hunting knife.
  • A small personal survival kit with lighter, signal mirror etc.
  • Extra bullets for sighting in your rifle in case you damage a scope.
  • Binoculars with a chest strap. ( easy to carry and to have ready at all times.)
  • Range finder ( sometimes very handy for those long shots )

Note : Do not bring an extra rifle. We have plenty available in case you damage yours.

Suggested rifles

The Safari Anticosti sector encompasses most of the entire eastern part of Anticosti Island or 25% of the entire island land mass. We have 2 private airports that serve our 3 distinct sectors of Chaloupe River, Bell River and Salmon River. One airport is situated at Salmon River in the north east of the island and another one at Bell River, in the south east. The Salmon River runway is 5,500 feet in length, paved, lighted and jet accessible. The Bell River runway is not paved and 6,000 feet in length.

Rifle scopes

We suggest a variable power scope that can be adjusted to very short ranges while stalking ( 50 yards ) and increased to longer ranges in open swamp, shoreline and bog areas. ( 250 yards )

Legal calibers

Rifles must be a minimum caliber of 243 or 6mm to be legal in Quebec for big game hunting. Rim-fire rifles are not permitted. Semi-automatics are permitted. Black powder weapons must be 45 caliber or more. 12 guage Shotguns with slugs are also legal.