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We meet you in Montreal

Clients are welcomed in Montreal and are invited to spend the night in a predetermined hotel so they are ready to leave for the island early the next morning. From the hotel, they will be driven by bus to our special charter departure area that is located in the Nolinor terminal at the Montreal-Mirabel International Airport. Our expediting and handling facility for all personal luggage and firearms is located directly in the Nolinor terminal. Clients driving to Montreal will also have access to a free long-term and secure parking space. A taxidermy service is also provided in addition to a refrigerated meat storage locker and a scale to weigh all baggage. Meat brought back from Anticosti Island is packaged in quarters using wax paper and is placed in boxes specially reinforced for air travel. For those who wish to spend the night in Montreal after their return trip from the island, there is also a deer meat butchering service available upon your arrival. The butcher will deliver your meat cut and vacuum packed to the hotel the next morning prior to your departure.




Jet accessible with a paved runway

The Safari Anticosti sector encompasses most of the entire eastern part of Anticosti Island or 25% of the entire island land mass. We have 2 private airports that serve our 3 distinct sectors of Chaloupe River, Bell River and Salmon River. One airport is situated at Salmon River in the north east of the island and another one at Bell River, in the south east. The Salmon River runway is 5,500 feet in length, paved, lighted and jet accessible. The Bell River runway is not paved and 6,000 feet in length.


Flights to Anticosti Island

Hunters are flown to Anticosti Island from Montreal or Quebec thanks to our private charter aircraft. Depending on the number of passengers, the plane could be either a Boeing 737 Jet or a Convair turbo-prop. Flight time from Montreal to Quebec is approximately 30 minutes and from Quebec to the island approximately 90 minutes, depending on the type of aircraft.