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Anticosti Island

The 2015 Winter-Spring Deer Survival Report.


Good News !


During the week of March 20, a survey team directed by Guy Boudoul, Safari’s Operations Manager, explored the eastern sectors of Anticosti Island by snowmobile to assess the snow accumulation and annual winter kill. After a complete territorial survey, we can report the following:
An average depth of 36 inches of snow accumulation was observed, which is below our winter seasonal averages. This is very good news for the winter-spring deer survival results. (Only two deer were found dead.)


Abnormal warm weather in late December also reduced the snow levels which had accumulated by late November.During the last winter and spring of 2014, we received double the amount of snow (72 inches) and were hammered with snow right up until the late spring which resulted in an above average winter kill.


Of great importance is that this winters snow coverage was also observed to offer a wind blown hardened surface texture. This has helped the deer sink far less into the snow while foraging for browse thus reducing fatigue and calorie depletion.


The Safari Anticosti Team.
March 30, 2015