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Anticosti Island

The 2017 Winter-Spring Deer Survival Report (March 27, 2017)

During the week of March 13-19, Mr. Guy Boudoul, Operation Manager with Safari Anticosti accompanied by some collegues, went on an exploratory snowmobile tour of Anticosti Island to assess the snow accumulation up until now and to verify the condition of deer herd.


Here is Guy Boudoul’s report.


On the first day of departure from Port Menier by snowmobile there was delay due to heavy winds on the island. A couple of days later, the team got better weather and with an early start passed through various other sectors heading east towards our eastern Safari sectors. The areas of Lake Genevieve, Mac Donald, Patate, and others were also visited to complete an entire overview of the island. The average inland snow accumulations varied but they were on average about 3.6 feet in depth. The snow was comprised of a thick crust resulting from a abnormal melt that took place during the warmer weather experienced in February.  The deer were able to walk on this crust allowing them to reach new browse higher up and feed easier than from ground level. Sightings of deer were much more numerous than during last years survey including many fawns that had survived the winter so far. Sightings of dead deer were no more than what a normal winter die off rate is on the island. It looks like a very good survival rate for our wintering deer in 2017 and bodes well and excellent upcoming hunting season for Safari Anticosti.