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Anticosti Island

The 2016 Winter-Spring Deer Survival Report (April 27, 2106)

During week of March 18 to 24th, Mr. Guy Boudoul, Operation Manager with Safari Anticosti, visited Anticosti Island with a crew for an exploratory visit  of our territories by snowmobile. The Safari team started in Port Menier and crossed the entire island from the west to our sectors in the east. The goal of the expedition was to assess the amount of snow accumulation in our sectors and to evaluate the ensuing impact of the winter on our deer herds.


The following is a partial transcript of Mr. Boudoul findings:


The snow accumulations were much lower this year than during the past two winters. We observed snow depths of only between 6 to 18 inches throughout our entire territory.  During the past months of December and January we experienced much milder temperatures than usual resulting in periods of rain that had dramatically reduced the snow levels in the east. From the the following pictures please observe the signpost that was completely covered by snow last year contrary to this year with the post remaining totally visible.


The deer herds in our eastern areas were observed to be very active and seemingly healthy with many young fawns that had survived the present winter. This aspect of fawn survival bodes well for the following seasons as young fawns mean young bucks. We expect to have more deer sightings this season and an excellent hunt for this upcoming year.