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Anticosti Island

The Safari Anticosti main lodges

There are five (5) main lodges; (1) the Bell River Lodge; (2) the Fox Lake Lodge, situated in the Bell River sector; (3) the Safari Lodge, situated in the Salmon River sector; (4) the Louis Jolliet Lodge; (5) the Gisele Michaud Lodge situated in the Chaloupe River sector.


The Safari Lodge – A true 5-star lodge!

Of all the full service lodges on Anticosti Island, Safari Lodge is by far the most luxurious. The Safari Lodge offers incredible comfort, attentive service and first- class international cuisine. Situated on the mouth of the majestic Salmon River, with its view of the island’s jagged coastline, the lodge delivers an awe-inspiring view of the setting sun over the Atlantic Ocean. (Open from September through November.)

The Bell River Lodge - A premium hunting facility

Situated deep into the southeast sector of the island, this premium hunting facility can be defined as a true deer hunting lodge as it is open only one month a year, during the pre-rut, rut, and partial post-rut periods. Hunters requiring an intimate setting will also enjoy the private chalets adjacent to the main facility. (Open from October 26th through December 3rd.)  

The Chaloupe River lodges – A home away from home

Nothing beats the back-home family atmosphere, rustic log cabin construction and the Quebec style cuisine of both the Louis Jolliet Lodge and the Gisele Michaud Lodge. Optional housekeeping chalets offer a magnificent view of the Chaloupe River. (Open late August through September and November only.)

The Fox Lake Lodge – offering the intimacy of private accommadations and full service at its best

Fox Lake lodge is the perfect destination for a group of eight hunters looking for their own private lodge and hunting sanctuary. Located in the eastern section of Safari’s territory, hunters can explore over 125 square kilometers of prime and private hunting areas.