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Anticosti Island

Housekeeping Chalets (Cottages)

Housekeeping chalets or cottages can be found in their own distinct and private territories within our three main sectors. Some of the chalets are located right next to the main lodges and offer private groups more intimacy while enjoying the services of the main lodges. The chalets accommodate between 6 to 8 hunters and offer services ranging from a fully-equipped kitchen, electricity and hot running water with showers. More secluded chalets situated away from the main lodges offer a housekeeping package that includes your own private hunting territory. Hunters will also benefit from the services of a professional guide, equipped with a crew cab pick-up and ATV. There is also a fully-equipped meat shed at each site where you can process and store your deer.

Chalet Dauphiné Nord

Chalet Dauphiné Sud

Box Camp

Chalet Aquila 1

Chalet Aquila 2

Relais Camp

Chalets Bell 2

Chalets Bell 1


Chaloupe River Chalets 1, 2 and 3

Safari Chalet - Saumon River Chalet